Dentiste Champel

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear


Our dental clinic offers personalised and top quality treatments. Thanks to his clinical experience and involvement in teaching as well as research at the University of Geneva, Dr. Olivier Duc and his team will allow you to benefit from scientifically proven procedures and equipment.


Bleaching is a way to lighten teeth with the use of a hydrogen peroxide gel in a mouth guard-like tray.


When a tooth is severely decayed, a full tooth coverage might be necessary to restore its function and aesthetic.


An implant is an artificial root made of titanium. A crown can be placed on the implant in order to replace a missing tooth.


Our goal is to restore both the masticatory function in its entirety and an attractive appearance as much as possible.


The dental clinic of Dr. Olivier Duc uses the pricing established by the Swiss Society of Dentists (SSO). Each patient being unique, an accurate, detailed and personalized estimate will be provided to you, in order to guarantee a total transparency on our tarifs.